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Automatic channel selection on 32 channels, high technology and high quality !

UHF 32 Channel Wireless PA System with body Transmitters and two Microphones

If you need a quiet and clear PA system for a speech,  this system is a perfect one for you. It comes with a body transmitter,  On the body pack, you can use either lapel or headset.

If you want to use it anywhere without any interference, this 32 Channel system is a perfect one for you ! The 32 channels can help to avoid any chance to conflict with other equipments.

The system is built with automatic channel pairing, or you can change the channel manually. So easy to use, they talk with each each.



Power: International Rechargeable Battery DC 12V, 1.9AH

AC power with built in transformer: 110-240V, 50Hz-60Hz

Channel Selection: 32 Channels.

Frequency Range: UHF

Reception Mode: PLL Synthesized

AF Output Power: 20W ( RMS) at 4 Ohms

Frequency Response: 50Hz -16 Khz+- 3dB

Sensitivity: 10dB uv

Effective Distance: 200 Feet

Receiver Size: 205mmX 240mmX 90mm

Weight: 2.6 Kg (with battery)



RF Output Power: 10mW

Harmonic Emission:>50dB

Battery Life: Body Pack: AA 1.5VX2, 25hours

Weight: Handheld: 55g; Body Pack: 80 g( Without batteries)

The Handheld mic is an option, please call to find out how to order. (866 524 8676)


To buy a handheld microphone as an option, please click here.

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HS210N  $179.95

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