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       HS-125  $49.95

6 Watts

Waist Band Amplifier

This is a perfect amplifier for conference, classroom, field trip, tourist guide ,church, auctioneers, campaign... wherever you need be heard easily,  this waist band amplifier comes with a up to 48" long band. The whole package includes two microphones, one is headset microphone, the other is a la Valier  microphone. The AC adaptor makes it a perfect rechargeable system for the Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Even you can use the system as a charger for AA 1.2V rechargeable batteries. It takes 6 pieces AA batteries to run the system.


1. Max Power output: 6W

2. Distortion factor: 5% Max ( at 2Watt output)

3. Frequency response: 100 Hz --- 10KHz +- 3dB

4. Operating voltage: 10V-12V ( 1.5V AA X 8 pieces) ( Click here to buy AA rechargeable batteries), any purchase of this model will get FREE 6 pieces of 1,700MA Ni-MH rechargeable high quality batteries.

5. Product dimensions: 160 X52 X70 MM

6. Packing dimensions: 210 X 145 X65 MM

To see details of the amplifier ,    please click here,

To see the battery compartment, please click here.

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HS125 Waist Band PA System   HS125  49.95 each, 45.95/5+

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